Emergence update v0.3.1

Hello everyone!

The new version comes with some cool new features and fixes some minor issues.

Here is the full list:

  • Modulation:
    • Add button to toggle between unipolar / bipolar modulation
    • Add buttons for triggering and clearing randomization manually
    • Make macro names editable and save custom names in project/presets
  • UI:
    • Limit GUI size to fit on display when resized
  • macOS:
    • Fix randomizer when running under rosetta and frequency is set to 0.0

If you find a bug
Please report it in the discussion forum here. Thanks!

Plans for the next update:

  • Multi out: each stream having a dedicated stereo output opening up possibilities to further process the output of each individual grain stream through your custom signal chains.
  • A properly signed and notarized installer for macOS. This will make the install/update process much more user friendly.

Thank you to everyone who decided to support the project so far either on itch or Patreon.

You can download the new version here:

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