Emergence v1.0 beta available


Emergence 1.0 beta is now available, adding tempo sync and some other improvements.
I have some other major new features in the works (including multi-out, presets and some new parameters). These will take some time and will be introduced in upcoming beta releases.

I would love to get some feedback on the features added so far. If you are interested in downloading and testing beta versions please read the rest of this post.

What to expect

This is an unstable beta version meaning:

  • Any feature might be removed or changed. It is recommended to render any sounds you want to keep.
  • Backwards compatibility with previous versions (0.x or 1.x-beta) is not guaranteed. This might mean automation data and presets saved by your DAW not working as expected and possibly other similar issues.
  • Might contain bugs. My goal is to release high quality software even in beta stages, but mistakes happen. Please report any issues you encounter.

This version is released with a different name/id and can be installed and used alongside the latest stable version (0.3.1)


  • Time-based parameters can be synchronized to the host tempo/beat
  • Add button to sync buffer write position to host playhead
  • Improved noise lfo waveform
  • VST3: Show parameter popup menu for pitch snap buttons (not available in every DAW)
  • Copying stream parameters now correctly copies the value and modulation of the balance parameter
  • Improved hover help texts


  • Please see the discussion board for bug reports, feature requests, questions and general feedback.
  • Before posting please make sure you are using the latest version of the plugin. The problem might be already fixed in a newer version.

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Looks so cool :)

Unfortunately for me. Seems can't load them on [lmms](https://lmms.io)  :( 

The plugin is available in the VST3 format but LMMS only seems to support the older VST (2.x) format which means it will not work in LMMS unfortunately

Oh, all right, I will wait for them to be supported by LMMS.

Hello I can't install this in the first place, I'm on windows and all I have is a vst3 file what do I do with that?


In case you don’t already have one you will need a DAW that can load VST3 plugins.

Then you just copy the .vst3 file to a location where your DAW can search for it. The system default on windows is: c:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\.

Now you should be able to start your DAW and find the plugin. The 0.3 version will show up as Emergence, the beta as Emergence1.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions

Thanks Soo much it helps a lot, would you recommend any of those free daw's? I wouldn't know :)

Personally I use reaper. It is quick and easy to install and you can try it without any limitations. There are tons of tutorials for it too!

Bitwig and Ableton Live are also popular and have trial versions that you can check out.

There can be significant differences in terms of workflow and features but you can start experimenting with the plugin in any DAW


I cannot find the Plugin after installing. How is it called after installing? I assumed it would go to my usual set folder.

Thanks for the response

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On macOS the .pkg installer will install both the VST3 and AU formats in the following location: VST3: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/Emergence1.vst3
AU: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Emergence1.component

If you are on windows you have to copy the Emergence1 directory from the .zip to your VST3 directory.
The system default on windows is: c:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\.

The plugin will show up as Emergence1 as an audio effect (not an instrument). If you can’t find it you should check if your DAW is configured to search the folder where the plugin is installed and try re-scanning the plugin list in you DAW.

If you are using the AU format then restarting your mac can help in some cases.

Hello, Thank you! 

I found it, although my Ableton (10) doesn't seem to find it, even reescaning the folder with the file. I'm using a M1 with the new beta version (VST3).

Thank you once again for such a quick response,

I'm very interested in this plugin, seems very powerful! I wish to donate if it works for me!