Emergence v1.0-beta.2 - ADSR grain envelopes


This beta update adds ADSR envelopes for shaping grains (probably the most often requested feature for the plugin), along with a number of other fixes and improvements. At this stage I feel like most things that I would want in v1.0 are already there. Next I think I will do some work on the UI to make it look a bit nicer and make it easier to use.

If you feel like anything important is missing (or maybe there but annoying or difficult to use) let me know! I would love to hear what you think.

Thank you to everyone who decided to support the project so far either on itch or Patreon.


  • Add controls for ADSR grain envelopes
  • Improve granulator performance
  • Copying stream parameters now correctly copies the value and modulation of the Position parameter
  • Change default value of the Increment parameter to 0.0, increase parameter range
  • Change default timebase to Hz for lfo, randomizer and grain generation rate
  • Make transitions smoother when Freeze, Clear or Bypass is toggled


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What to expect

This is an unstable beta version meaning:

  • Any feature might be removed or changed. It is recommended to render any sounds you want to keep.
  • Backwards compatibility with previous versions (0.x or 1.x-beta) is not guaranteed. This might mean automation data and presets saved by your DAW not working as expected and possibly other similar issues.
  • Might contain bugs. My goal is to release high quality software even in beta stages, but mistakes happen. Please report any issues you encounter.

This version is released with a different name/id and can be installed and used alongside the latest stable version (v0.3.2).


  • Please see the discussion board for bug reports, feature requests, questions and general feedback.
  • Before posting please make sure you are using the latest version of the plugin. The problem might be already fixed in a newer version.

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fantastic plugin, appreciate the updates!