Emergence v1.0 beta.1 update


This beta update adds a new knob for each grain stream (labelled as Position) that gives you full control over the grain start position within the buffer. I have also added a some more LFO shapes the list now includes sine, square, triangle, saw up, saw down and noise.

I would love to get some feedback on the features added so far. If you are interested in downloading and testing beta versions please read the rest of this post.

What to expect

This is an unstable beta version meaning:

  • Any feature might be removed or changed. It is recommended to render any sounds you want to keep.
  • Backwards compatibility with previous versions (0.x or 1.x-beta) is not guaranteed. This might mean automation data and presets saved by your DAW not working as expected and possibly other similar issues.
  • Might contain bugs. My goal is to release high quality software even in beta stages, but mistakes happen. Please report any issues you encounter.

This version is released with a different name/id and can be installed and used alongside the latest stable version (0.3.1)


  • Please see the discussion board for bug reports, feature requests, questions and general feedback.
  • Before posting please make sure you are using the latest version of the plugin. The problem might be already fixed in a newer version.

Here's a short demo with the new position knob:

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